Anonymous browsing protects your identity while exploring.

At Kasidie, your privacy is our top priority. We have implemented a range of advanced privacy tools to ensure your profile remains anonymous and your personal information secure.

Here’s how we protect your privacy:

  • No Personal Identifiers: Your profile will never require real names, addresses, or any other private information. This ensures that your identity remains confidential.
  • Customizable Privacy Settings: You have full control over your profile visibility. Options include blocking free members, blocking single guys, disabling "who's viewing me" notifications, and birthday notices. You can even ghost your profile so it doesn't appear in search results.

Advanced AI Safety Features

  • AI-Powered Deception Detection: Our platform uses advanced AI tools to detect and block fake profiles and scams before they reach you. This technology analyzes patterns and behaviors to identify suspicious accounts, ensuring a safer environment for all users.
  • Content Moderation: We employ AI-driven content moderation to scan messages and images for inappropriate content. This includes automatic profanity filtering and image recognition to prevent the sharing of explicit or offensive material.
  • Machine Learning Algorithms: Our AI systems continuously learn and improve from user interactions and reports, becoming more adept at identifying potential threats and maintaining a secure space for genuine connections.

User Empowerment

  • Anonymous Reporting: Users can report inappropriate behavior anonymously, fostering a community-driven approach to safety and accountability.
  • Transparent Policies: We maintain clear and transparent policies regarding chat moderation and privacy settings, so you always know how your data is being protected.
  • User Controls: Customize your privacy settings to suit your comfort level. You can adjust who sees your profile and what information is shared, ensuring you have control over your online presence.
By integrating these advanced privacy tools and AI technologies, Kasidie ensures that your online dating experience is both safe and enjoyable. Join us and explore a world of connections with peace of mind.

Why Choose Kasidie?

Kasidie offers a wide array of features that enhance the user experience and facilitate connections among members.

These features and attributes make Kasidie the leading social platform for the ENM community, providing a safe, engaging, and inclusive space for members to explore their desires and make meaningful connections.
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